• Karla O'Hara
  • September 6th, 2017

Rasa Pura, an authentic Singaporean restaurant, that offers traditional Singaporean cuisine. Located at Cm Recto Corner, Leonard Wood Rd. Rasa Pura is only 10 minutes away from Baguio City’s town proper. Their dishes were served fresh and piping hot.

Hainanese Chicken
It would not be a Singaporean restaurant without Hainanese chicken on the menu. This chicken was served juicy, perfectly poached in it’s own broth and definitely big enough to serve a group of 3-4 people.

Rasa Pura Hainanese Chicken [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Fish Head Laksa
Laksa, a deliciously rich and spicy soup, served with a whole fish head. The best Part? The fish is Salmon. Not only do you get an authentic Singaporean soup, you also get one of the best kinds of fishes served with it!


Rasa Pura Fish Head Laksa [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

BBQ Squid
This is one of Singapore’s best dishes and definitely one of Rasa Pura’s as well. The BBQ sauce the squid was cooked in was the perfect balance of spice, making you eat spoonful after spoonful.


Rasa Pura BBQ Squid [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios] 

Chicken Satay
Usually served on the streets of Singapore, found in hawker centers, is now available for you in Baguio City. This popular dish is marinated with all types of spices and is cooked on a charcoal grill. Everyone knows that the perfect South East Asian satay, is a Singaporean Chicken satay.


Rasa Pura Chicken Satay [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Mie Goreng
This flavorful fried noodle dish is the perfect combination with all the other dishes on the menu. Rarely will you find a perfectly replicated Singaporean Mie Goreng, but fear no more, Rasa Pura has broken that and serves one of the best fried noodles there is in Baguio City.

Rasa Pura Mie Goreng [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KliteFoodCrawl
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