• Fiona Quinn
  • September 9th, 2017

Hanging out is one of the things a lot of people like doing nowadays. With so many new places in Baguio City, it’s difficult to find the right one. Aside from looking for a place that’s comfortable, you look for something with good food and good internet connection. If you find that, then you’ve definitely found yourself a hangout place.

But not really, Raduno Cafe and Resto is more than just a cafe with comfortable seats and good food, this place has a whole variety of games you could play while eating and chatting with friends. Comfy chairs plus good food plus games? Now you’ve definitely found the right place.



Believe it or not, Raduno is Italian for gathering, meeting, or a get together. Knowing that, you now understand why this place is the perfect place for you and your friends to meet and just have a good time!

Raduno Cafe and Resto is located at the 2nd floor Lachica Building in Jungletown, along Leonard Wood Road Baguio City.

They serve rice meals, food combos, pasta, sandwiches, coffee, shakes, and the best part? Board games, card games and any other game you and your friends would think of.

Klite Krew got the opportunity to visit the place, taste their yummy food, and try out a few games they had on their shelf. (A few, just because we didn’t have time to try them all)

Food was being prepared for us as we chose which one to play first. The gang went with a familiar game, Jengga. But it’s not your average Jengga game, this was twice bigger than the normal Jengga you have in stores.



So here we are having fun with jengga while the staff served our drinks and some food. We tried the Gingerbread Man shake, Tropical Breeze, and the Banana shake. Those drinks just gave us the boost we needed for the game. If you’re in Raduno, you should also try their Cookie Monster drink and Java Chip shake too.

So while we were drinking those refreshing shakes, we also got to taste their Chili Dynamite. It wasn’t really spicy but it does have a kick to it plus the flavors were just right! Food came one after the other. We had pasta, pizza, and burgers! They even had sisig! At first, we thought it wasn’t that good since it’s the least thing we expect from a hangout place that serves pasta and burgers. But one bite made us change our mind instantly. Everything tasted really great!

We think the best part about being at Raduno Cafe and Resto is you get to enjoy good food with your favorite people. Have a few laughs over a game and go back to being young again. Talk to the owners, you would understand why the place is so hip.

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KliteFoodCrawl
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