• Parker Young
  • September 9th, 2017

If you’re looking for a place for reasonably-priced comfort food that manages to be innovative without sacrificing quality, look no further. Studio Coffee, located on Assumption Road, does just that – and its convenient location welcomes all kinds of visitors. Namely, its location is very student-friendly, being situated just on Assumption road, but Studio Coffee is also the source of comfort for any kind of customer.

Make no mistake, many of the items on the menu will tantalize your taste buds – and when you get a chance to taste many of the menu’s game changers, including a hearty bowl of cheese ramen or a generous serving of seaweed-seasoned hot dog, the few minutes in between the thoughts “Wait, that’s a thing?” to “This is amazing” will have been worth it.

Studio Cafe Cheese Ramen [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Adding to these innovative dishes are classics as well – including burgers, fries, a regular hot dog, and of course creamy bulalo for some Filipino comfort food. You can’t go wrong with the drinks menu as well. Studio Coffee offers rich, generously-sized shakes with flavors raging from coconut to strawberry, and a to-die-for green apple shake that is my personal favourite.




Not only is this restaurant conveniently located, but the actual ambience is perfect for any occasion. If you want to sit and catch up with some friends, the atmosphere is as welcoming as it is fun. If you want to chow down with a killer soundtrack to keep you company, Studio Coffee is still the place to be. And of course, most importantly, if you want to try something a little new, then look no further – Studio Coffee is here to provide you with an all-around fun and innovative experience.

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KliteFoodCrawl
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