• David Riley
  • September 11th, 2017

Seriously, we’ve never had so much fun eating and chilling in a cafe much like Half Cup Café. For one thing, the best takeaway you can get from the place is overflowing FREE coffee! Nestled safely within KM. 4 in La Trinidad, Benguet is a quaint space where Half Cup Café sits to serve its loyal customers. This was the first stop for Day 3 of the K-Lite Food Crawl, and man were we that excited! It’s one of the two restaurants/cafés outside of Baguio, and the K-Lite Krew couldn’t help but beam in anticipation.

Friendly Appetizers

There’s something about their French Fries that made us forget about the existence of all the other types of french fries out there. It was served in a big cup, with a healthy serving of dip served inside it.

Half Cup French Fries [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

We thought that their Pizza Dip was a bit weird to us at first. Who in his right mind would order Pizza without the toppings and sauce? The plate was served, and we were looking at 12 pita-like pieces with the dip in the center. If you’re looking for a variation of your favorite pizza, this is definitely the place to go to.

Half Cup Pizza Dip [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

The S’mores Dip is something that we usually eat during camping or backyard get togethers. However, Half Cup Café’s take on it goes beyond the campfire. The marshmallow is melted as a whole over the Graham crackers. To top everything off, a sweet chocolate dip makes everything come together. It’s also a great companion to the overflowing coffee that they have.

Half Cup S’mores Dip [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Explode-In-Your-Mouth Pasta

First off, Half Cup Café’s Spicy Shrimp pasta literally took our breath away. It’s my favorite from the 3 other pasta dishes they served. It starts with a spicy flavor, of course, but then a mix of sweetness and the shrimpy taste greets you afterwards. Partnered with cashew nuts, this is one of the best versions of shrimp pasta that I’ve ever tasted. I had to go back and finish the entire cup for myself after we all had our taste.

Half Cup Café’s Spicy Shrimp pasta [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

The runners up for the Pasta category is the Sun Dried Tomato Olio and Pesto Chicken Pasta.  The tomato olio proved to be a pleaser, as it went around the table and got back to David Riley as an empty plate. Less grease, tomatoes are not that sweet and sour, with just the right combination of a super secret special sauce. The pesto chicken was one too tasty to ignore. The cream is not that rich, so it’s easier for you to have a second serving.

Sun Dried Tomato Olio [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Pesto Chicken Pasta [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Sandwich and Rice Meals For The Gods

Half Cup Café’s Baked Ribs is a dish worth savoring. You wouldn’t want to gobble this all up in one sitting. This one’s meant to be taken in slow bites, as you wait for the tinge of linamnam to wash over your taste buds. Although we suggest that you don’t take that much time in eating it, because too much savoring will make the meat kind of dry up. Nobody likes cold ribs. Nobody.

Half Cup Café’s Baked Ribs [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

For those looking for a healthier, leaner alternative, the Seared Chicken dish would make you scream out expletives because of how sweet and smoky it tastes. It’s not cooked in too much oil, making it have the perfect balance between the smoky taste and oily texture.

As for the sandwiches, both were winners. For one thing, the Strawberry Chicken Basil sandwich is a unique La Trinidad dish because not only does it come from the place itself, but the strawberries are picked fresh for use on the dish. It’s very unlikely for most people to associate strawberries to a salty taste, but this one nails it. The basil blends perfectly with the sweet taste we’ve all come to love with the original La Trinidad strawberry.

For the Cheesy Beef Sandwich, it’s actually a less-greasy alternative if you’ve grown tired of the regular beef burger. Served with fresh veggies, you’ll always long for the perfect combination of cheese and beef. But if you’re in it for an overflowing protein sandwich, the All-Meat Sandwich is the perfect choice.

Sugary Pastries & Desserts

Both the Banana Hazelnut Waffle and the Blueberry Sour Cream Waffle gave us a satisfied feeling as we munched on them after the meals were done. It’s a good comfort food alternative if you don’t want to have that much cream and sugar involved.

As for the cupcakes, Half Cup Café delivers it best with it’s own spin on the common cupcake flavors that we’ve all grown used to. The runners up include the very creative Pesto Cheese Cupcake, the oozing with chocolate Red Velvet Cupcake, the healthier Green Tea Cupcake, the very soothing taste of the Blueberry Cheesecake (with solid blue berries!) and the awesome Chocolate Lava Cupcake (rich chocolate cake that comes with a topping of vanilla ice cream).

Blueberry Sour Cream Waffle

Banana Hazelnut Waffle

Half Cup Café is a place worth travelling to. And if you think that the 15 to 20 minute ride is taxing, well, you’re bound to forget about it as soon as you try their delicious offerings at amazingly low prices. Boy, were our cups filled to the brim!

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KliteFoodCrawl
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