• Parker Young
  • September 13th, 2017

When you think about going to a restaurant you’ve never been before it’s because you’re
thinking of experiencing something new – but if you’re a homebody like me and like to enjoy
your food in the comfort of your own living room while snuggled up with a good book, going
out for some fine dining while keeping things casual might be too rare of an experience.

Arca’s Yard, located on Ambuklao Road, Tip Top, manages to provide that experience. Its atmosphere makes you feel like you never really left your house – and the layout of the restaurant, including its furniture, and the fact that you can pretty much take off your shoes and enjoy your food on a carpet with really soft pillows – only adds to that feeling of comfort. At the same time, Arca’s Yard manages to thrust you into a world of art and culture. It doubles as a museum and library, and is the home of many antiques as well as paintings that make your dining experience all the more exhilarating.

Arca’s Summer Salad [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Arca’s Dinengdeng [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

The food on Arca’s menu varies from traditional Filipino to Spanish, Italian and Japanese. It’s diverse selections of meals brings is enough to bring out your curiosity, so if you have your mind set on one specific type of meal, that might change once you read through Arca’s selection. From crispy lemon-orange chicken to mouth-watering pasta, to a traditional and homey style of lechon kawali to a more exotic Japanese style smoked salmon, you can also enjoy expanding your palette as you take in the breath-taking view of Tip Top from Arca’s balcony. You’ll feel like you’re in the clouds, even if you didn’t order the cloud tea, which I should mention, is a favourite of not just me but of many of Arca’s regular customers.

Arca’s Lemon and Orange Chicken [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Arca’s Lechon Kawali [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Arca’s Pork Humba [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Strawberry Juice [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

Cloud Tea [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

And of course, you can call it day with desert, more specifically Arca’s famous Camote Pie ala Mode. Trust me, you’ll want to make room for this.

Camote Pie Ala Mode [Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios]

All in all, Arca’s Yard offers a fine dining experience from all around the world – and with the amazing art, antiques and books from the upstairs library you’re free to borrow, you’ll feel like you’re at home in your living room while doing it.

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KliteFoodCrawl
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