• Hillary Johnson
  • September 6th, 2017

It’s exactly yum time when the K-Lite Krew arrived just as all the food was served for lunch.

Along with the Vanilla Cafe’s fantasy theatrical ambiance, huge artistic chairs (they were heavy to move), among the food in front of us was a rice chicken meal. Chicken was tender and well seasoned.

Chicken Diva at Vanilla Cafe

Chicken Diva/Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios.

The next plate was KareKare with a twist. I asked the DJs if it were soup or a separate purée dish to taste but it was the sauce of the Kare-Kare looking orange bright in a bowl. I thought, all Filipino restos have their own twist of this epic dish.

Kare-Kare at Vanilla Cafe

Kare-Kare/Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios

I moved on to the next plate where nobody dared to touch at first and it was a honey-glazed tuyo breakfast rice meal- man, that knocked out my palate! It was the winner dish, so outstanding! Former DJ Blaze of Hijo de Foto and I agreed it was our favorite.

Honey-glazed Tuyo at Vanilla Cafe

Honey-glazed Tuyo Breakfast Meal/Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios

One rice dish with pork together with some sweet sauce is Karla O’Hara’s favorite, well I thought some acidity and a tad more tenderness with the meat could’ve made it a second winner next to the knock out tuyo.

The pasta was cooked al dente and mixed just right with the veggies.

Verdori Vegetable Pasta at Vanilla Cafe

Verdori Vegetable Pasta/Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios


California BBQ Ribs at Vanilla Cafe

California BBQ Ribs/Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios

And finally my favorite part of all meals, dessert!

From one bite to another, we tasted the eye candy cupcakes chicly decorated to the theme of the resto. Chocolate lava is to love with choco richness, lemon cupcake was refreshing, red velvet’s true to its name. Each is the price of two when you’re downtown so I actually got all cup cake leftovers home. I ate them the next day and they still taste delish.

Cupcakes by Vanilla Cafe

Photo by Hijo De Foto Studios

Vanilla Cafe set a very high standard to our next food crawl stop. Missing the cafe Adriana crawl that day didn’t actually make me feel so bad after dining in such beautiful resto with a fantasy-homey setting away from the city buzz.


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